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Surgery is one of the main treatment modalities for cancer. In the earlier days, surgeries were considered the last resort owing to the complication. The recent advancements such as minimally invasive surgeries, however, have changed the scenario and made surgeries effective with lesser complications.


Our team at IOSPL comprises skilled surgical oncologists holding years of experience in minimally invasive cancer surgeries. We are the Best Surgical Oncology Hospitals in Noida. The surgical team is capable of performing and managing simple to complex primary and secondary cancer surgeries. Our team aims to provide effective treatment by preserving the quality of life among patients. In some cases, the surgical approach becomes critical as it involves the removal of an organ. In such cases, our team removes the damaged organ from the patient’s body and reconstructs one or transplants organ from a healthy donor. The collective efforts of our surgical oncologists, reconstruction surgeons, and transplant surgeons restore the normal functioning of the affected organs and bring the patients to normalcy.

Surgical Procedures at IOSPL​

In organ preservation surgery, the surgeon removes the tumour tissues from an organ but keeps the organ intact in the body. The main motto behind this is to save the organ by only removing the cancerous tissues. This is particularly done in cases of breast cancer, tongue cancer, and prostate cancer. It provides the following benefits:

  1. It makes the surgery less complicated.
  2. Less complication leads to faster recovery.
  3. It causes less damage to the healthy tissues.
  4. The surgery preserves the quality of life among patients.

In most cases, the surgeon tries his level best to preserve the organ. In some critical cases, however, the organ, as well as surrounding lymph nodes, have to be removed. These organ removal surgeries are complicated and may even change the appearance of the patients such as in breast cancer. Hence, organ reconstruction surgery is conducted after removing a particular organ. 

           An organ reconstruction surgery involves transferring different tissues or bones from a    different part of a body to the surgical area. These tissues and bones are reconstructed to  create the organ. These days, the latest advancements such as 3D printers have made it   easy for the surgeon to reconstruct an organ. The 3D modelling guides the surgeon to create an exact copy of the organ and restore the patient’s life.

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