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Medical Oncology is the main treatment modality for cancer. It encompasses various treatment approaches such as chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, immunotherapy, and targeted therapy. All of these therapies help in destroying cancerous cells present in your body. Usually, this therapy is used in combination with radiation oncology or surgical oncology for complete treatment.

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Our medical oncology includes:


Immunotherapy or biological therapy is an individualized treatment approach in which the body’s healthy immune cells are stimulated to attack the cancerous cells. Rather than taking drugs to fight against the cancer cells, immunotherapy provokes the body’s defence mechanism to destroy cancer cells. 

Some specialized immune cells are synthesized in the laboratory and injected into the patient’s body to fight against cancer. These include:

  1. Monoclonal antibodies therapy.
  2. Dendritic cells therapy.
  3. T-cells therapy.
  4. Oncolytic virus therapy.
  5. Cytokine therapy.
  6. Cancer vaccine.

Depending on the type and stage of your cancer, the oncologist may use one or a combination of the above immune cells to fight against the cancer cells. 

Chemotherapy is the mainstay of cancer treatment. The therapy uses different powerful drugs to locate and destroy cancer cells spreading throughout the body. The drugs either slow down the cancer growth or stop the cells from dividing. The major drawback of this therapy, however, is that it cannot differentiate between normal and cancerous cells. Hence, it also damages the rapidly dividing healthy cells in the body such as hair follicles or intestinal cells. This results in side effects among patients. The recent chemotherapeutic drugs, however, are not only effective but also pose lesser side effects as compared to the traditional drugs. 

The drugs are of two types depending on the time of their administration:

  1. Neoadjuvant chemotherapy: These are administered before the surgery or radiation therapy.
  2. Adjuvant chemotherapy: These are administered after the surgery or radiation therapy.


As the name suggests, targeted therapy involves specially designed proteins to attack cancerous cells. Before starting this treatment, the oncologist thoroughly studies your condition and the tumour environment inside your body. This helps the oncologist to understand the tumour behaviour and plan the treatment. The proteins injected for targeted therapy block chemical signals from cancer cells or change the protein structure of the cancer cell or deliver toxins to the cells. This results in cell damage without affecting the surrounding tissues.

Some cancers require hormones to grow or multiple inside the body. Such cancers are called hormone-sensitive or hormone-dependent cancers. A hormone therapy injects specific drugs to block such hormones or reduce their levels in the body. This causes a reduction in the growth of cancer cells and prevents them from spreading. 

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