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A cancer diagnosis is a complex process involving accurate interpretation of pathology, radiology, and nuclear medicine tests and results. A proper diagnosis is key to treating cancer effectively. 

At the Best Cancer Diagnostic Therapy Centre in Noida, we are equipped with advanced diagnostic facilities to correctly diagnose the type of cancer and its stage. Our diagnostic laboratories meet international standards to provide quality. We have also collaborated with pathology and molecular biology laboratories which evaluate your cancer tissue and blood samples. This helps us in diagnosing your cancer as well as identifying markers for the latest targeted therapies.

Histopathology:Our collaborated histopathology laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment which provides immunohistochemistry, cytology, frozen section, and digital pathology services. The laboratory is capable of identifying biological markers to support the treatment procedure. Moreover, the pathologists of our team at IOSPL are experts in organ systems. This makes it easy for them to diagnose and understand the criticality of cancer. Our pathologists discuss patient cases with our doctors and/or surgeons and contribute to the treatment strategy. 

The main highlight of our diagnostic testing is the digital pathology. This advanced technology has a success rate of 99.7% in diagnosing cancer. We are also equipped with state-of-the-art and latest digital pathology equipment that general digital images or slide images of the organs. These digital images provide a means to accurately measure the stage and quantify the tumour, count the number of mitoses (cell divisions), interpret the lymphovascular invasion, identify isolated tumour cells, and so on. 

Our pathological team validates and interprets the digital images for tumours as well as biomarker interpretation. It offers the following benefits.

  1. Precise quantification and grading of tumours.
  2. Faster turnaround time.
  3. Reduced costs.
  4. Excellent interpretation of biomarkers.


Molecular and clinical genomics is a sub-speciality of cancer diagnosis that offers comprehensive diagnosis with technologies such as PCR and cytogenetics. This technology not only diagnoses the tumour but also helps in identifying hereditary tumours and predicts the risks involved.

Our robust molecular diagnostic services interpret and analyze the biological data with an advanced setup. This helps us in devising an effective treatment plan for patients. Our molecular diagnostic department offers:

  1. PCR tests.
  2. Cytogenetics.
  3. Liquid biopsy.
  4. Genomics.
  5. HLA.


The soul of our diagnostic services lies in the biochemistry department. The department comprises highly experienced and skilled specialists who are directly involved in the diagnosis of patients. With the help of our latest technology and equipment, this department is fueled by both brains and skills. This reduces our turnaround time by providing accurate results.

Our biochemistry laboratory collaborates with other diagnostic departments for analyzing reports. The test results are discussed with doctors to create the best treatment plan for the patient. Our individualized approach and collective efforts of different teams make us stand out in the crowd.

Our microbiology laboratory provides accurate diagnostic services. The laboratory follows all the national and international standards to maintain the airflow and control the environment in the laboratory. The cultures developed in the laboratory are accurate which helps our doctors in treatments. Moreover, we also ensure to maintain the quality of our laboratory through routine audits. 

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